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Though we currently do not have any varieties available for sale, please feel free to join our email club for Sole Rosso updates and news. Plus, once the varieties are available, current members will have first option to join our limited number Wine Club. Member Benefits:
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Please check back soon, as we're getting this feature 'fired-up'

Here, at Sole Rosso, we grow all of our own grapes for our wines. Our vineyards are right here on the Sole Rosso grounds. We service our own grapes, so we know where our wine comes from - from the beginning. We currently are growing four different Italian varietals of wine grape:

Sangiovese di Montalcino: It's name is thought to be derived from "sanguis Jovis" meaning "the blood of Jove (Jupiter)." Its beginnings probably predate Roman times. Sangiovese is one of the two predominant red grapes (the other being nebbiolo) in Italy, where it is extensively planted, particularly in the central and southern regions. It is believed to have originated in Tuscany, where it dominates today. It is most famous as the main component of the blend Chianti, Carmignano, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano and Morellino di Scansano, although it can also be used to make varietal wines such as Brunello di Montalcino, Rosso di Montalcino or Sangiovese di Romagna, as well as modern "Super Tuscan" wines like Tignanello.

Moscato Giallo: A white wine, often made into Aste Spumante, a sparkling white. It's origins are probably Greek, and it has been famous since the times of the Romans. The Moscato Giallo (Yellow Muscat) probably arrived in Italy during the Middle Ages, brought by the Venetian merchants.

Nebbiolo: It is a red Italian wine grape, predominately associated with the Piedmont region of Italy. It produces a lightly colored red wine, which can be very tannic in youth, with scents of tar and roses. Aged, Nebbiolo reveals other aromas and flavors such as violets, tar, wild herbs, cherries, truffles, tobacco, and prunes.

Anglianico: It is a black wine grape grown in the Southern regions of Italy. The vine originated in Greece, and was brought to Itlay by Greek settles over 2,000 years ago. It produces a deep, ruby color wine with fruit and earthy aromas. Powerful and broadly structured with firm tannins and a long finish.

Unfortunately, we are currently aging our upcoming offerings. Our first wines will be available Spring 2014. Please check back for updates.